No Credit Check Catalogues

A catalogue that says they won’t credit check you is one that you should be very wary of. Any company that says they are willing to give you finance without knowing your financial history or stability is almost certainly lying. The fact is, “no credit check catalogues” do not exist. They will either check your credit history using an agency such as experian or they will ask for recent bank statements to see if you have regular income.

In either case, if you are a person with a poor credit score, the likely hood is that you will be charged a higher interest rate than the average customer. However, after multiple successful payments you may find your interest rate dropping, your credit limit increasing and your minimum payments decreasing as the retailer begins to give you more trust.

On this site we do not recommend any stores which say they don’t credit check (they check recent bank statements) as these charge very high interest rates in order to compensate for the added risk. In our opinion, they over compensate. As a result, we offer our visitors the chance to apply for a credit account with a bad credit catalogue. These have very decent acceptance rates (over 50%) and their interest charges are fair and transparent.