Fifty Plus

The Fifty Plus catalogue is ideal for customers with bad credit hoping to receive fashionable products on a buy now pay later payment plan. The Fifty Plus catalogue is part of the JD Williams & Company Limited, the UK’s most popular direct home shopping company. Directed towards more mature styles, the Fifty Plus catalogue provides stylish clothing for both me and women. This includes swimwear, lingerie, and footwear. In addition to their stylish clothing products, the Fifty Plus catalogue also offers home and garden goods. Such products include furniture for both the home and outdoors, lighting for both indoor and outdoor purposes, barbecues, health and mobility products, leisure goods, and items to accommodate a nursery. Other rooms of the house are also covered in the home and garden department. In the electronic department, customers can browse through subcategories that include accessories, appliances, audio equipment, computing goods, DVDs and Blu-rays, eBook readers, lighting products, personal care items, phones, photography goods, TV and home cinema products, and video gaming goods.

With the Fifty Plus catalogue, customers are able to immediately enjoy their luxury purchases while having an option as to how to cover the payment. For those wishing to use credit but do not have the background that is required by most companies, the buy now pay later plan for the Fifty Plus catalogue is suitable. With this program, customers will automatically receive a personal account upon making a purchase with the company. This account allows for customers to keep up with their payments in a convenient manner. The online personal account allows customers to view their payments, purchases, and the minimum payment required as well as the date to which it must be received. This convenient online personal account allows for customers to always be up to date on what is owed to the company, which, ultimately, should help customers help build up their credit.